Chef + Owners : Brian & Amanda Light

Howdy! We are a husband and wife team, Brian and Amanda Light.
Ronin is the name for both our new restaurant, as well as our family farm.

The vision of Ronin is to preserve the traditions of Texas gastronomically, as well as culturally, and to share genuine foods and experiences with our community. Tradition is important here in the Brazos Valley and being caretakers of that experience is something we take very seriously. Amanda is a graduate of Texas A&M University - Class of 2018 (Whoop!) and Brian is a 2005 graduate of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management.

Ronin began on a whim, wing and a prayer after catering our midwife’s wedding in July 2011. The property was previously owned by the late Don Ganter of Dixie Chicken fame. With the help of family and friends alike, an old barn of Mr. Ganter’s was converted into a commercial kitchen with the intention of providing offsite catering. We also added to our family by raising chickens, pigs, gardens, guineas, turkeys and more, learning about how to live life in the country along the way. Slowly but surely, we began hosting weddings, special events, and Full Moon Dinners at The Farm because it is too lovely not to share.

In 2015, the folks who were developing the Ice House on Main approached us and asked if we had ever thought of opening a restaurant. From there, the planning began, which lead to a full year of construction. Much of the original materials were repurposed from the original building; examples of this can been seen in the custom table tops (wood originally from the office floors), the wood burning grill (bricks from the original Ice House walls), and the original (but refinished) floors throughout. The building we now call home is 106 years old and counting. Charm, character, and stories of history make for an incredible setting to enjoy farm foods. Our farm continues to flourish with the help of the many loving hands that work there. Heritage breed pigs, chickens, guineas and more are still raised on pasture along with the countless heirloom vegetables, fruits and flowers. Each week our gardens provide for the restaurant, as well as the special events & Full Moon Dinners we serve. Many days our farmer walks vegetables in the door in the afternoon to be served that same night. Serving nutrient dense, fresh from the farm foods is why we are here.

We have the privilege of being part of something greater, a commonality that connects all humans alike – food.

We are excited to share a meal with you