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“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”




Our farm is the heart and soul of our business. Located just south of Lake Bryan, our little piece of Texas is where we grow our food and raise our family. Home to Chef Brian Light and his wife Amanda, the farm serves as an event venue as well as the center of our food production. Featuring forested dining areas, barns equipped with dance floors, and a full-service commercial kitchen, our farm is a great location for a wedding, concert, or party.

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363 Creekside Dr, Bryan, TX 77807

Farm visits by appointment only

Events At The Farm

Join us at our beautiful, 15 acre family farm featuring a country garden, stables, barns, and a remote forest setting.

Connecting with Food

As supermarkets have replaced family gardens, many of us have lost touch with what it means to grow, process, and cook food. There is a sense of community in gathering food for the table and our farm keeps us closely connected with these traditions. What we can't grow here at our farm we buy or trade for locally. When you visit us at our farm you'll be serenaded by the chickens and hogs, amused by the antics of our guinea fowl, and swept up in the charm of a small family farm.